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Current Sensors  
ƷƣClosed Loop Current Sensors CSNE151-204

Closed Loop Current Sensors CSNE151-204

Product introduction

Closed Loop Current Sensors CSNE151-204

Closed Loop Current Sensors
60 Honeywell 1 MICRO SWITCH Sensing and Control 11-800-537-6945 USA1F1-815-235-6847 International 11-800-737-3360 Canada
1 Current sensing up to 1200 amps
1 Measures AC, DC and impulse
1 Lowest cost/performance ratio
1 Rapid response, no overshoot
1 High overload capacity
1 High level of electrical isolation
between primary and secondary
1 Small size and weight
Closed loop current sensors measure
AC, DC and impulse currents over 0-25,
0-50, 0-100, 0-600 and 0-1200 Amp ranges.
TheCSNSeries is based on the principles
of the Hall effect and the null balance
or zero magnetic flux method (feedback
system). The magnetic flux in the sensor
core is constantly controlled at zero. The
amount of current required to balance
zero flux is the measure of the primary
current flowing through the conductor,
multiplied by the ratio of the primary to
secondary windings. This closed loop
current is the output from the device and
presents an image of the primary current
reduced by the number of secondary
turns at any time. This current can be
expressed as a voltage by passing it
through a resistor.
PLEASE NOTE: This matrix is intended
only to aid you in identifying sensor catalog
listings. It is not all-inclusive, and must
not be used to form new listings.
Example: CSNA111
CSN Closed Loop Current Sensor
Current Range (Peak/RMS nom.)
A 70 A/50 A rms nom.
B 100 A/50 A rms nom.
C 90 A/50 A rms nom.
D 22 A/15 A rms nom.
E 36 A/25 A rms nom.
F 150 A/100 A rms nom.
J 600 A/300 A rms nom.
K 1200 A/500 A rms nom.
L 600 A/300 A rms nom.
M 1200 A/500 A rms nom.
P 90 A/50 A rms nom.
R 200 A/125 A rms nom.
T 150 A/50 A rms nom.
Supply Voltage
1 15 V
2 13 V
3 5 V
4 12 V to 18 V
5 15 V to 24 V
6 12 V to 15 V
Coil Characteristics
1 1:1000 turns/90 V@ 70C
2 1:2000 turns/160 V@ 70C
3 1:2000 turns/130 V@ 70C
4 1:1000 turns/50 V@ 70C
5 1:1000 turns/110 V@ 70C
6 1:1000 turns/30 V@ 70C
7 1:2000 turns/80 V@ 70C
8 1:2000 turns/25 V@ 70C
9 1:5000 turns/50 V@ 85C
Housing Material
1 Polycarbonate/ABS blend PDFINFO p

HONEYWELL HAMAMATSU freescale FIGARO humirel alphasense
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