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ÉÌÆ·Ãû³Æ£ºMicrowave sensor displacement module GH-719

Microwave sensor displacement module GH-719

Product introduction£º

Microwave sensor displacement module GH-719

GH-719 microwave sensor displacement module is the use of Doppler radar (the Doppler Radar) design principles of the microwave moving object detectors, microwave frequency
10.525GH, DC 6-20V power to work.
GH-719 microwave sensor displacement module signal processing microcontroller program analysis, and high reliability. The circuit board 16 to adjust the sensitivity, sensing range
Adjustable from 0.3-10 m. Four kinds of trigger mode selection signal output time: 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, photoresistor inhibit daytime trigger
Mainly used in the automatic door control switch, industrial automation and control, indoor and outdoor security systems, automatic recording of the ATM cash dispenser control system, the wild
And external security alerts and other places.
GH-719 microwave sensor displacement module is non-contact detection module, the anti-radio interference ability, free from temperature, humidity, light, air, dust
Impact can be installed on the inside of the shell of a certain thickness of the plastic, glass, wood and other non-metallic, to facilitate their application to a variety of products or equipment control above.

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