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ƷƣAirflow Sensor AWM3300V AWM3100V AWM43300V

Airflow Sensor AWM3300V AWM3100V AWM43300V

Product introduction

Airflow Sensor AWM3300V AWM3100V AWM43300V

Airflow Sensor, Signal Conditioning:
Amplified; Flow/Pressure Range: + 1000
sccm (1.0 SLPM); Port Style: Straight
Actual product appearance may vary.
l Laser trimmed for improved sensor
l Flow sensing up to 1.0 SLPM
l Low differential pressure sensing
Potential Applications
l Damper control for heating,
ventilation, and air conditioning
l Gas analyzers
l Low vacuum control
l Process control
l Medical respirators and ventilators
l Oxygen concentrators
l Leak detection equipment
l Vent hoods
l Anesthesia control
l Gas metering
l Gas chromatography
Like the AWM2000 Series, the dual Wheatstone bridges control airflow
measurement. The AWM3000 Series is amplified; therefore, it can be used to
increase the gain and to introduce voltage offsets to the sensor output. The heater
control circuit and the sensing bridge supply circuit are on board the package.

Product Specifications
Signal Conditioning Amplified
Flow/Pressure Range 1000 sccm (1.0 SLPM)
Output Voltage @ Trim Point 5.0 Vdc @ 1000 sccm (1.0 SLPM)
Port Style Straight
Series Name AWM3000
Null Shift over Temperature 25.0 mV dc
Output Shift over Temperature 5 % Reading
Maximum change in flow rate 5.0 SLPM/s
Max. Repeatability & Hysteresis
1% Reading
Null Offset 1.00 Vdc 0.10 Vdc
Response Time 1 ms typ., 3 ms max.
Supply Voltage 8.0 Vdc min., 10.0 Vdc typ., 15.0
Vdc max.
Maximum Common Mode Pressure 25.0 psi
Power Consumption 50 mW typ., 60 mW max.
Operating Temperature Range -25 C to 85 C [-13 F to 185 F]
Storage Temperature Range -40 C to 90 C [-40 F to 194 F]
Media Compatibility Dry gas only
Weight 10.8 g
Shock 100 g peak (5 drops, 6 axes)
Availability Global
UNSPSC Code 411121
UNSPSC Commodity 411121 Transducers

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