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ÉÌÆ·Ãû³Æ£ºRelative humidity sensor HM1500/HM1500LF

Relative humidity sensor HM1500/HM1500LF

Product introduction£º
Relative humidity sensor HM1500/HM1500LF
Description of humidity sensor HM1500/HM1500LF:
Based on the rugged HS1101/HS1101LF capacitive humidity sensor, HM1500/HM1500LF is a dedication humidity transducer designed for OEM applications where a reliable and accurate measurement is needed.Direct interface with a micro-controller is made possible with the module¡¯s linear voltage output.

FEATURES of humidity sensor HM1500/HM1500LF:
1)      Small size
2)      Not affrcted by water immersion
3)      Full interchangeability with no calibration required in standard conditions
4)      High reliability and long term stability
5)      Typical 1 to 4 volt DC output for 0 to 100%RH at 5 VDC supply
6)      Calibrated within +/-2%RH@55%RH
7)      Very low temperature dependence
8)      Ratiometric to voltage supply
9)      Suitable for 3 to 10 Volts supply voltage

of humidity sensor HM1500/HM1500LF:
telecommunication environment
Automotive cabin air control
Home appliances
Agriculture and environment protection
Industrial process control systems
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